New Liquidity Pool
The Karura Swap protocol can support multiple liquidity pools each of which is made up of two different tokens e.g. Token A-Token B pool and Token B-Token C pool. Users can swap any token to any other token in a single transaction provided there is a path between them e.g. even if there's no Token A-Token C pool, users can still swap Token A for Token C, given they have a common path via Token B.

1. Proposing a new Liquidity Pool

As for any governance upgrades, a referendum proposal process is recommended to add a new pair and open a new liquidity pool. The proposal and subsequent discussion should cover the following (you can use the proposal template here). Use the Karura Community Forum to gather sentiment and feedback
  • Motivation
  • Evaluation of Liquidity Pool
    • Trading pair
    • Motivations for creating the pool
    • Mechanisms for listing new pool: direct listing, Bootstrap or else
      • List Bootstrap parameters if applicable
    • Liquidity Program if any
  • Evaluation of the tokens
    • Utility of the token
    • Features and innovation of the protocol, product, blockchain behind the token
    • Token distribution and vesting schedule
    • Token economics
    • Project information
  • Risks and disclaimers
  • Community Sentiment
    • Liquidity Plan
    • Mechanisms for listing new pool: direct listing, Bootstrap or else
    • Every pool requires both sides of the token pair as liquidity, please provide a plan on how to bootstrap liquidity

2. Prepare the payload

Your governance on-chain proposal must include the necessary call data. Please follow this guide here.

3. Submission of Proposal

The Proposal can now be submitted on-chain. The proposer must have enough a minimum deposit of 100 KAR to propose a referendum, or have a council member to submit it on behalf.
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