Proposal Template
(Use the Karura Community Forum to gather sentiment and feedback)


Description of the proposal in < 100 words.


Links to
  • Project
  • Whitepaper
  • Token Economics
  • Token Distribution and Vesting
  • Source code
  • Deployed Parachain, protocol contract etc
  • Audits
  • Communities


Description of the proposal in < 300 words.


Short description.


What is the relationship between the author of the post and the token

Evaluation of the Liquidity Pool

  • Trading pair
  • Motivations for creating the pool
  • Mechanisms for listing new pool: direct listing, Bootstrap or else
    • List Bootstrap parameters if applicable
  • Every pool requires both sides of the token pair as liquidity, please provide a plan on liquidity bootstrap

Evaluation of the tokens

  • Overview of the project
  • Utility of the token
  • Features and innovation of the protocol, product, blockchain behind the token
  • Token distribution and vesting schedule
  • Token economics
  • Market data (market cap, 24h volume, volatility, exchanges etc)
  • Social channels data (size of community, activity on Github etc)
  • Account holders, parachain genesis date or protocol deployment date, number of transactions

Risks and disclaimers

A risk analysis of the project and token. Provide any disclaimers you might have.

Security Considerations

Provide details on any platform, cross-chain, protocol security considerations.

Technical Specifications

Add parameters and call data details once they are available.
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