Mandala Test Network Maintainers Guide

Here is a guide to set up a node and ways to participate in the Acala.

Full Node

Mandala Test Network is a risk-free and value-free playground, purely for testing out functionalities and "explosive" experiments. There is no network value nor rewards. However you are welcome to run a node and join the network, to try it out, prepare for Karura Network (that will join Kusama with network value) and Acala Mainnet, or just for the love of it.

Run a Full Node (Mandala)

Using Docker

Install docker with Linux: wget -qO- | sh

If you have docker installed, you can use it to start your node without needing to build from the code. Here is the command

docker run -d --restart=always -p 30333:30333 -p 9933:9933 -p 9944:9944 -v node-data:/acala/data acala/acala-node:latest --chain mandala --base-path=/acala/data/01-001 --ws-port 9944 --rpc-port 9933 --port 30333 --ws-external --rpc-external --ws-max-connections 1000 --rpc-cors=all --unsafe-ws-external --unsafe-rpc-external --pruning=archive --name "Name of Telemetry"