Proof-of-Liveness (PoL) Node (Coming Soon)
To maintain the operation of the Acala.

Proof-of-Liveness (PoL) Node (Coming Soon)

While the Acala Network will leverage Polkadot’s shared security and do not need to have validators itself, it will still require what we call Proof-of-Liveness (PoL) nodes (or Collators) to maintain the operation of the Acala network to perform part or all of the following actions
  1. 1.
    As Collator to propose new blocks to Polkadot validators for verification
  2. 2.
    As Network Operator to perform off-chain work such as liquidating unsafe positions
  3. 3.
    Optionally as Oracle Operator (future)
For Karura Network and Acala Mainnet, during the initial launch and bootstrap phase, there would not be incentives or staking available for PoL nodes.
The next phase would introduce staking programs for PoL nodes. There is reward for running PoL node as a Collator and Network Operator, and additional rewards for also running as Oracle Operator.
If you are interest in becoming a collator/liveness provider for the Acala Network, and joining the wider Acala ecosystem, please fill in this form.
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