Acala & Karura Wiki
Welcome to the Acala & Karura wiki, the hub for those interested in learning, building, or using the Acala and Karura protocols. The wiki is divided into sections to cater to each of these different groups within the Acala ecosystem:
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    If you're eager to start building your project to connect to Acala or Karura, see the build section.
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    If you're interested in operating a node, head on over to the maintain section.
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    If you are here to learn, peruse the learn section.
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    If you want to quickly find some general information, such as communities and white papers, please find general.
There are two additional protocol-specific sections, one for Karura and one for Acala, which outline the specifics of each network.
If you're looking for an introduction to Acala please go here.

Want to get started?

Want to build on Acala?

  • Builders Portal - Tools, libraries, and resources to help you build.
  • Starters Guide - Overview on how to get started building your project on Acala.

Want to maintain the network?


  • Community / Ecosystem - List of community rooms and channels to talk to others about Acala.
  • News - Links to the hottest news about Acala, aggregated with the latest updates.
  • Contributing Guide - Rules for contributing to the wiki.
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