Balance Type & Vesting

Balance Types

On Karura there are the following steps balance types

  • Transferrable Balance: as the name suggests, this balance can be used for transfers, paying fees and performing any actions on-chain.

  • Locked Balance: this balance is frozen, depending on the scheme, it could be locked for a certain period of time before being transferrable, or it could be vested where a portion of the balance gradually becomes transferrable, or a combination of these. The tokens are released lazily, meaning you are required to perform a claim transaction to obtain it. The guide for claiming vested tokens is in the next section.

  • Total Balance: is the sum of transferrable balance plus the locked balance. The entire balance can be used for governance operations such as voting.

Check & Claim Vested Tokens

Claiming Vested KAR via Web App

You can claim your vested KAR here

On Polkadot App

Go to the Polkadot App - Karura Parachain - Accounts section, expand the balance of your account, if there's a vested (locked) balance, it will be displayed.

Go to the Developer - Extrinsics section, use the account that you want to claim the vested balance. Select vesting then claim() in the submit the following extrinsics filed, then click the Submit Transaction button to complete the process.

Check Vesting

Go to the Developer - Chain state section, select vesting then vestingSchedules() , then select your account, then click the + button to see what vesting schedule it has.

Below is an example result

  • start: the tokens are locked until Kusama block #

  • period: release period e.g. release every block or every 432,000 block as in the example

  • periodCount: how many vesting periods

  • perPeriod: how much to release each period

    start: 8,886,950,
    period: 432,000,
    periodCount: 5,
    perPeriod: 100 KAR

Claiming Vested KAR for Other Accounts

Users can also claim vested KAR for other accounts by going to the Developer - Extrinsics section. Select the account you'd like to use to initiate the claim in using the selected account. Submit the vesting then claimFor(dest) extrinsic and the account you'd like to claim for which is the account that has the locked tokens (shown at bottom of screenshot).

Note that submitting this transaction only makes the vested tokens transferrable. It does not transfer them to the account that initiates the claim.

On Karura App

You can claim the released portion of vested KAR on the Karura App.

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