Acala Quests

About Acala Quests

The purpose of Acala Quests is to educate users about Acala and prepare them for the Acala Crowdloan. As an incentive, users that complete ALL of the Quests will receive an extra 2% ACA bonus on their Acala contribution, an Acala NFT and their own referral code which entitles them to an additional 5% ACA bonus on referee contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the Acala Quests in order to participate in the crowdloan?

No. However, there are several reasons why we encourage users to complete the Acala Quests:

For users on the Acala Crowdloan Waitlist (needed to sign up by Oct 12): Completing Quests 1 and 2 is the ONLY way to get your referral code. If you complete Quests 1 and 2 before the Acala Crowdloan launches, your referral code will be emailed to you once the Acala Crowdloan launches. If you complete Quests 1 and 2 after the Acala Crowdloan launches, your referral code will be emailed to you. Having your own referral code prior to when you contribute is the only way you can self-refer and receive a 10% bonus.

For users not on the Acala Crowdloan Waitlist: Completing Quest 4 allows you to receive your own referral code which can get you an extra 5% ACA bonus on contributions made by contributors that use your code.

For ALL users: Completing ALL of the Quests entitles you to an extra 2% ACA bonus on your contribution and an Acala NFT. Quests are also a way to educate yourself about Acala and prepare yourself for the Acala Crowdloan.

Why am I having trouble connecting my Polkadot.js wallet?

The Acala Quests page may have trouble connecting to your Polkadot.js extension for a few reasons. Please try the following:

Make sure that your extension is set to “Allow use on any chain.” Refresh the web page.

Make sure that you are allowing the website access to your extension. Open “Manage Website Access” and make sure that is allowed. Refresh the web page.

If those attempts fail, try turning off ad blockers in your browser settings. Refresh the web page.

Have referral codes been distributed?

Yes. Users on the waitlist that have completed Quests 1 and 2 will receive their referral code via email. Users that are not on the waitlist will get their referral code after they contribute to the Acala crowdloan.

How long will Acala Quests run for?

Quests will run for the duration of the Acala Crowdloan.

Do I need to make my crowdloan contribution with the same account I completed the Acala Quests with to receive my 2% bonus and NFT?


Can I use a Ledger wallet to complete the Acala Quests?

No. Ledger does not support Acala at all, even if you connect your Ledger to the polkadot.js extension.

How do I connect my Polkawallet to Acala Quests?

Follow the guide we've created here.

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