The following documentation outlines the intended features and processes that Acala Exodus Upgrade intends to implement in the future. This document will continue to be updated and reviewed as we progress with the Exodus Upgrade. Please note that certain sections may contain inaccuracies or outdated information.


Exodus is a story of courage and breaking new ground, having faith in what you believe in, and acting upon it with hard work and determination despite adversity. So Acala is determined to build for web3 finance vision, and this plan is to break old molds and pave new ways forward.

The Exodus Upgrade aims to overhaul and upgrade the Acala Network protocols for long-term self-sustainability and growth. This plan will provide a path forward for the aUSD product line, address the fundamental challenges of liquidity and adoption, propose a new product roadmap and refreshed tokenomics to build captive and sustainable liquidity and prosperity. This will enable Acala to deliver the unbiased prosperity vision with infrastructures and protocols essential to the evolving crypto ecosystem, a new global economy and better individual financial prospects.

The goals of the Acala Exodus Upgrade

  • Provide a path forward for aUSD with options to exit existing positions or continue to ride with Acala’s growth

  • Build the liquidity layer of web3 finance including LSTFi focused Universal Asset Hub that has sustainable and captive liquidity

  • Upgrade ACA to boost ACA utility and support sustainable network growth

See the original plan here.


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  • ACA upgrade: boosting ACA and share Acala growth (tweet thread)

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