Use Remix

There are multiple tools you can use to develop and compile Solidity contracts, we'd present two here as options

  • online web app Remix

  • Solidity development and testing framework Waffle

Compile a Solidity Contract using Remix Comment

This guide walks through the process of creating and deploying a Solidity-based smart contract to the Acala standalone node using the Remix. Remix is one of the commonly used development environments for smart contracts on Ethereum.

1. Launch Remix

Navigate to Under Environments, select Solidity to configure Remix for Solidity development, then navigate to the File Explorers view.

In the file explorer in the left window will appear an input, where you write filename: BasicToken.sol.

2. Compile the Solidity code

Paste the following code into the editor tab that comes up.

pragma solidity ^0.7.0;

import '';

// This ERC-20 contract mints the specified amount of tokens to the contract creator.
contract BasicToken is ERC20 {
  constructor(uint256 initialSupply) ERC20("BASICT", "BAT") public {
    _mint(msg.sender, initialSupply);

Note: this is a simple ERC-20 contract based on the Open Zeppelin ERC-20 template. On construction, it creates the BasicToken with the symbol BAT, and mints the total initial supply.

Below is the editor view.

Remix will include all of the Open Zeppelin dependencies and compile the contract.

Then select Solidity compiler on the sidebar, and press the Compile BasicToken.sol button.

Remix downloads all of the Open Zeppelin dependencies and compiles the contract.

3. Get the ABI File

Navigate back to File explorers , in the artifacts section find the BasicToken.json file. Copy and paste the content and save it locally, this is the ABI file that will be deployed to Acala EVM later.

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