Upcoming Features

Use Flexible Fees

DOT, aUSD, ACA, RenBTC, AMPL are all first-class fee tokens in Acala EVM, meaning that users can pay transaction fees in any of these tokens.

Acala DeFi Contracts

Acala's DeFi primitives (stablecoin, staking derivative, and DEX) are being made available as pre-compiled contracts, and will be composable inside Acala EVM.

Details coming soon.

State Rent

A contract consumes storage on the blockchain, and thus should be charged for simply existing. This ensures that people don't take advantage of "free, unlimited storage".

This is not a new concept, there're EIP, pre-EIP and discussions to implement state rent in Ethereum. Parity already implements it in the native smart contract platform Ink!.

We now introduce this mechanism in Acala EVM.

Details coming soon.

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