How to Verify a Runtime Upgrade

This guide uses the runtime upgrade release 1.1.3 as an example.

Once the upgrade is proposed, you shall see it on the Polkadot App - Karura parachain - Democracy section.

Upgrade Preimage Info

Expand the proposal, and find the Preimage info.

  • Preimage: parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(0xd9660e7d73163f7b2e1591c08c60e68f4b47cb85dcba54d55c53b9573876f55e)

  • Hash: 0x4f8bf2c02c5a1e8cdcf7a94dabf2805c563c46a87876c684c5d79ffb745db115

Verify against code

In the discussion post of the proposal, it shall provide the release tag, runtime WASM file and other necessary information for others to verify it against the preimage proposed.

Take the following step to verify

1. Build your own Wasm Runtime for the release

2. Generate hash & compare

In the Developer - Extrinsics tab, use the following and upload the wasm to generate the call hash. Compare this with the preimage hash proposed.

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