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Unstaking Your DOT Tokens on Polkawallet

You will need to unstake your DOT tokens prior to contributing to the crowdloan module. For recently unstaked DOT tokens, Polkadot has a delayed exit period (28 days), which serves as a cooldown. After the 28 day period has ended, you can claim your DOT and contribute them to the Acala crowdloan.
Unstaking on Polkawallet involves a few steps. First, you need to stop nominating to your Validator. Next, you need to unbond your tokens. Finally, after the "cool down" period finishes (7 days for Kusama, 28 days for Polkadot) you need to redeem (claim) your unbonded tokens.

Stopping Your Nomination to Your Validator

1) Open the Polkawallet mobile app and click Staking.
2) Click Validators in the upper right corner.
3) Select Set Nominees and click Stop Nominating.
4) Click Submit.

Unbonding Your Tokens

1) Select Adjust Bonded and click Unbond.
2) Enter the amount you'd like to unbond and click Submit.
3) Click Submit.
4) You should see a balance equivalent to the amount you just unbonded as "Unlocking."
5) You can check how much longer before your tokens unlock by clicking on the clock icon. Once the unlocking period is over, proceed to the steps below to redeem your ubonded tokens and make them transferrable.

Redeeming Your Unbonded Tokens

1) After the "cool down" period ends (7 days for Kusama, 28 days for Polkadot), open the Polkawallet mobile app and click Staking. You should see your unbonded tokens as "Redeemable."
2) Select Adjust Bonded and then click Redeem Unbonded.
3) Enter the amount you wish to redeem. Click Submit.
4) Click Submit.
5) You can see that your “Available” balance has increased by the amount you redeemed. Your tokens have been completely unstaked and are now freely transferable.