Use MetaMask with EVM+

Instructions on how to connect MetaMask to Acala EVM+ in order to interact with the smart contracts deployed on it.

To connect to a network other than Mandala TC7, replace the values from the detailed instructions with the corresponding values from the bottom of this page.

Mandala TC8

In order to be able to interact with the Acala EVM+ in Mandala TC8, you first need to navigate to the Add network section of the MetaMask. You can find it at the bottom of the list of available networks after clicking on the currently active network.

This should open up a form to add a new network to your MetaMask (you might have to unlock MetaMask before it opens). Once the form is opened, use the following information to add the Mandala TC8 network:

Mandala TC8 should now be connected and you should see your ACA balance (if you already have it).

You might have to bind your MetaMask account to your Substrate account in order to see your balance.

Acala main network

Karura main network

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