Build DApps

There are 4 ways to build with Acala:

  1. Build Pallet DApp: deploy permissioned protocol aka runtime modules/pallets on the Acala network. This is available now with more flexibility for customization & integration. Ren Protocol's Bitcoin bridge gateway is implemented this way.

  2. Build Solidity Smart Contract DApp: deploy permisionless smart contracts using Solidity on Acala EVM. This is fully composable with aggregated cross-chain liquidity like BTC and DOT, and Acala's existing DeFi stack, and is a landing pad for DApps to access the Polkadot ecosystem. Ampleforth is deployed this way.

  3. Bridge Parachains: build a chain and connect with Acala using cross-chain message-passing protocol by Polkadot. We are connected to multiple parachains including common-good asset chain Statemine, where assets can be freely bridged to our chain for listing and other integrations. If you are also a parachain and are ready to test cross-chain functionalities, please contact us for options.

  4. Deploy smart contracts using Ink! rust-based native smart contract platform. This is yet to be production-ready and will be made available on Acala later, but if you are interested, feel free to contact us and learn more.

Developers, teams, or organizations looking to integrate the aUSD stablecoin and Acala Network can contact the Acala team here to schedule time to discuss the integration:

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