Unstaking Your KSM Tokens on Polkawallet

You will need to unstake your KSM tokens prior to bonding them to the crowdloan module. For recently unstaked KSM tokens, Kusama has a delayed exit period (7 days), which serves as cooldown. During this period, you will not be able to transfer your tokens.

1) Open the Polkawallet mobile app and navigate to the "Staking" tab. Select "Adjust Bonded."

2) A pop-up box will appear. Select "Unbond."

3) Enter the amount you wish to unbond and "Submit."

4) Review the details, enter your password and "Submit."

5) A new screen will appear and you will see the amount you have unbonded now appears under "Unlocking." You'll also see that the unbonding transaction shows up in your "Tx History."

6) Your KSM tokens are now in a 7-day cooldown period. You can check to see how much time remains in the cooldown period by tapping on the clock icon under "Unlocking."

7) After 7 days, return to the "Staking" tab and select the plus sign that says "Adjust Bonded" and then select "Redeem Unbonded."

8) Enter the amount you wish to redeem. Click "Submit."

9) Sign the transaction by clicking "Submit."

10) You can see that your “Available” balance has increased by the amount you redeemed. Your KSM has been completely unbonded and is now freely transferable.

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