Full Node

Spec Requirement

You can check if your machine satisfy the spec requirement by using the following make command to benchmark your machine.

// If you are running docker image:
docker run acala/karura-node:latest benchmark machine --chain=karura

// If you are using dev environment:
make benchmark-machine


You need to setup your dev environment first for make commands to work.

Run from Source Code

Using Docker

  • Image: acala/karura-node:latest or acala/karura-node:[version number]

  • docker run acala/karura-node:latest --chain=karura

Common CLI

  • CLI is mostly the same as any Substrate-based chain such as Polkadot and Kusama

  • Because there are two node services are running, -- is used to split the CLI. Arguments before -- are passed to the parachain full-node service and arguments after -- is passed to the Relay Chain full-node service.

    • For example --chain=parachain.json --rpc-port=9944 -- --chain=relaychain.json --rpc-port=9945 means

      • The parachain service is using parachain.json as the chain spec and the web socket RPC port is 9944

      • The Relay Chain service is using relaychain.json as the chain spec and the web socket

        RPC port is 9945

  • It is recommended to explicitly specify the ports for both services to avoid confusion

    • For example --listen-addr=/ip4/ --listen-addr=/ip4/ -- --listen-addr=/ip4/ --listen-addr=/ip4/

  • It is recommended to add --execution=wasm for parachain service to avoid syncing issues.

Example CLI

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