Trilogy Networks

The evolution of the Acala Network will be marked by trilogy networks.

The evolution of the Acala is marked by trilogy networks. Acala stablecoin protocol, Acalaswap protocol and Homa staking protocol are deployed on all three networks:

  • #1 Mandala Test Network: is a risk-free and value-free playground for us, users and developers to test drive functionalities of Acala. Expect bugs, chaos, and unannounced reboots. Find out Mandala Testnet details here.

  • #2 Karura Network: is an unaudited and experimental release of Acala protocols on the Kusama network as a parachain. It will have economic value represented as its native tokens KAR, and KSM, both of which can be used as reserve assets of the stablecoin. Find out Karura Network details here.

  • #3 Acala Network: is deployed on the Polkadot network as parachain upon its launch.

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