Crowdloan Rewards

4.61 ACA for every 1 DOT contributed

1. Crowdloan Stats

  • Total DOT locked: 32.5M DOT

  • Total LCDOT (Liquid Crowdloan DOT) Generated: 24.1M LCDOT

  • Number of Contributions

    • Total Unique Contributors: 190k+ including exchange contributors

    • On-Chain Unique Contributors: 81k+

  • Contribution Channels:

    • 15.7% via exchanges and or centralized agencies

    • 84.3% contributed directly on-chain

  • Contribution Distribution:

2. Reward Stats

  • Total Base ACA Reward: 150,000,000 (15% of total fixed supply)

  • Total Bonuses: 19,270,000 (1.9% of total fixed supply)

  • Total ACA Reward to Be Distributed: 169,270,000 (16.9% of total fixed supply)

  • Base Reward: 4.61 ACA for every 1 DOT contributed

3. Individual Reward Details

  • Base Reward: 4.61 ACA for every 1 DOT contributed

  • Referral Bonus: 5% additional ACA for the referee, 5% for the referrer when a referral link used

  • Crowdloan Kickoff Bonus (Block 7562300 - 7611000): 5% additional ACA

  • Auction Kickoff Bonus (Block 7641908 - 7684110): 5% additional ACA

  • Quest Bonus: 2% ACA bonus

  • Karura Crowdloan Contributor Bonus: 2% additional ACA bonus on your FIRST contribution when using the same account that you used for the Karura crowdloan

4. Check Rewards

Rewards to be distributed are all recorded on the Distribution Website.

All ACA rewards have been distributed (except for the ones that say to be claimed ). There are several ways to check your balances:

Checking on

1) Go to your Polkadot.js extension and make sure it is set to allow use on any chain.

2) Go to Polkadot JS Apps and connect to the Acala network. You can do this by clicking on the dropdown box in the upper left hand corner (shown below).

3) Select an Acala node (any is fine) and click Switch.

4) Select Accounts. You should see your ACA amount. Note that some of your balance will be locked. This amount will unlock over the 96 week parachain lease.

Check on Subscan

Go to Acala Subscan and enter your DOT address.

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