Check KSM Address

If you already set up a Polkadot account, Acala account, or any Substrate-based chain account, there are three options to check the corresponding KSM address:

Using Subscan transform

  1. Navigate to Subscan Address Transform and paste your existing account address into "Input Account or Public Key".

  1. Press "Transform" and find the corresponding Kusama address in the appeared list on the right (in the screenshot, it is third from the top).

Using Polkadot.js extension

  1. Open polkadot.js extension in your browser and press 3 dots on the right from your account name.

  2. In the opened window click on the dropdown menu and pick "Kusama Relay Chain"

  3. Now all your accounts are converted to Kusama format, you can copy them.

Using Polkawallet

  1. Open PolkaWallet on your mobile device and click the menu button on the top-right corner.

  2. In the opened menu select Kusama logo (second from the top) and press on the appeared address on the main screen.

  3. Click on the account block under the Add Account button, which will navigate you back to the main page.

  4. Now your wallet is set up and you can copy your Kusama address. You can see that your wallet changed color to black and among your assets you can see KSM.

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