The Acala community includes over 350,000 members distributed around the world. Below are links to official platforms, as well as unofficial, and regional-specific, community-managed channels.

General Discussion & Support

Discord | Discourse Forum | Riot | General Enquiry Email

Issues can be raised directly in the respective Github repo or via Riot channel

Social & Announcements


Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | YouTube


Discord | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn | Reddit

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Regional and Language-Specific Communities

Please use best practices when engaging with community-managed channels. Keep in mind that no admin or representative from Acala will ever message you or add you to a channel. Beware of imitation Acala representatives and always confirm information with our official channels.


French | Italian | Korean | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Thai | Turkish | Ukrainian | Vietnamese



Unofficial Communities


Acala & Karura Unofficial Discord

Acala+ (Unofficial)

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