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Have all the tokens been distributed?

If you participated through our Karura website or through one of our mobile wallet partners, your tokens have been distributed. Users that participated through other means will need to go through the claims process. Learn how to check your distribution.

Do I need to claim my tokens?

Only users that participated through the website https://polkadot.js.org/apps (screenshot below) need to go through the claims process. All other users will have their tokens automatically distributed to them. If enter your Kusama address on https://karura.subscan.io/ and don't see your tokens, you probably need to go through the claims process.

How do I claim my tokens?

We have created the website https://distribution.acala.network/claim for users to claim their tokens.

How do I access my tokens?

The KAR rewards will be distributed to the Karura address associated with the Kusama address you used to contribute. Polkawallet users can see their KAR tokens by connecting to the Karura network in the Polkawallet app. Polkadot.js browser extension users can learn how to check their distribution.

Do I need to create a Karura account to claim/receive my tokens?

No. The KAR rewards will be distributed to the Karura address associated with the Kusama address you used to contribute.

Why are some of my tokens locked?

30% of your KAR tokens will be immediately unlocked and the remaining 70% will unlock of the duration of the parachain lease. A small portion of your locked tokens will be unlocked with every block (block times are targeted for every 12 seconds).

I participated through Fearless Wallet but don't see my tokens? What happened?

Your KAR tokens are in your account, but the Fearless UI needs to be updated in order for you to see them. You can check with the Fearless team on the timing of that update. In the meantime, you can also export your mnemonic seed from Fearless to Polkawallet or the Polkadot.js browser extension. If you can't remember your mnemonic seed from Fearless, open the app and go to Settings > Account > (i) > Export Account > Mnemonic Passphrase.

What is the KAR token supply?

There are 100,000,000 KAR tokens.

How to Participate

Is Ledger compatible with the crowdloan?

No. Check the ways to participate here: Crowdloan Ways to Participate

Do referrals work if I'm participating through an exchange?

Exchanges may have different promotion schemes. The following exchanges will be supporting Karura crowdloan. Please contact them to find out.

  • Kraken

  • OKEx

  • Kucoin

  • Huobi (TBD)

How long will my tokens be locked if I participate in the crowdloan?

Your KSM tokens will be locked for the full duration of Karura’s parachain lease, which is 48 weeks since the launch of the Karura network.

Will my KSM be returned after the parachain lease ends?

Yes, your KSM tokens will be automatically returned to you when the parachain lease ends.

Karura never has custody of your KSM tokens. Your KSM tokens are bonded to the crowdloan module, which lives on the Kusama Relay Chain, and remain visible within your wallet.

Can I withdraw my KSM from the crowdloan?

All submissions to the crowdloan module are final and cannot be withdrawn. You will automatically receive your funds at the end of the parachain lease.

Can I earn KSM staking rewards while my KSM are locked?

No. KSM contributed to the crowdloan are locked on the Kusama Relay Chain. You will however receive KAR tokens based on your contribution, once Karura wins the auction and launches mainnet.

KAR Tokens

What is the purpose of the KAR token?

The KAR token serves three key functions:

  • The foundation of governance of Karura

  • Proof-of-liveness of the network (rewards for collators)

  • KAR as utility token to pay fees for various network activities

How many KAR tokens will be distributed in the crowdloan?

11 million KAR tokens, which is equivalent to 11% of the token supply, will be distributed to contributors of the crowdloan module.

Is there a vesting period on KAR tokens?

Yes. Upon receipt of your KAR tokens, 30% will be unlocked and transferrable, while the remaining 70% will be vested and gradually unlocked over the lease period. However, the full balance can be used to participate in governance.

Will I receive KAR tokens for participating in the testnet?


Accessing Your KAR Tokens

Is KAR a stablecoin?

No. The Karura Dollar (kUSD) is a stablecoin. KAR is the native token of the Karura network.

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