KSM Address

To participate in Karura crowdloan, you must have a KSM address used to contribute KSM to the Karura crowdloan. This KSM address also has a corresponding Karura (KAR) address, that shares the same public-private-keypair, which will be used to receive your KAR rewards.

If you already set up an Acala account following this guide, then you can check its corresponding KSM address for use in the crowdloan.

The guide below shows you how to check the corresponding address for KSM and KAR, how to create a new KSM address if you don't already have one. Note: you should NOT use an exchange address for the crowdloan.


Once you have created an account (a public-private-keypair) in Polkadot{js} extension, that account can then derive a bunch of addresses, one for each Substrate-based chain e.g. the same account can have an address for Polkadot, a different one for Kusama, another different one for Acala. But they all share the same private key and public key. As an analogy, they share the same username and password, but the account display name are different for different blockchains you interact with.

  1. If you already have a Substrate address (Polkadot address, Acala address or other), we will show you how to check the corresponding KSM address and vice-versa.

  2. If you don't have any account set up, we will show you how to create a KSM account, which can also be used for Polkadot, Acala and else.

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