Incentive Program

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Why Liquidity Incentive Program?

Our protocols shall provide real utility and built-in incentive mechanisms to run autonomously even without additional incentives. For example, great liquidity and trading volume shall generate reasonable trading fees to keep both liquidity providers and traders happy. Liquidity Incentive programs shall act as short-term catalysts to accelerate this adoption and achieve this goal faster.
Specifically, the Liquidity Incentive Program is set out to achieve the following
    Create Liquidity Virtuous Cycle: better liquidity, better slippage, better trading experience, more fees for LPs who would bring more liquidity to attract more traders
    Create Inter-protocol Virtuous Cycle: better liquidity, better stability support for kUSD (as Karura Swap is used for kUSD collateral liquidation), more stablecoin surplus share for LPs who would bring more liquidity
    Foster a long-term, sustainable and coherent community ❤️

Loyalty Bonus

We implement a Loyalty Bonus mechanism to achieve the following
    To avoid hot bags mining and dumping, hence encouraging more sustainable, longer-term farming for the benefit of the protocol and the entire network
    To share more rewards for longer-term LPs compared to just vesting

How to Liquidity Mine on Karura Swap

0. Need KSM on Karura

Learn how to cross KSM from Kusama to Karura here.

0.1 Need kUSD

1. Become a liquidity provider

By supplying liquidity to a trading pair, you own LP tokens and earn trading fees. Learn about liquidity providers here.
Add liquidity here.

2. Stake LP Tokens

LP tokens are liquid, transferrable, and withdrawable. The incentive program requires you to stake/lock LP tokens so that the liquidity stays in the relative pool.
    If you participated in the Karura Swap Bootstrap, you will need to claim LP tokens and stake them (read about Bootstrap here & claim LP tokens here)
    Otherwise, you can stake the LP tokens as you add liquidity.
Stake LP tokens here.

3. Unstake and Withdraw Liquidity

You can unstake LP tokens at any time. Then LP tokens are unlocked, and become transferrable. You can then withdraw liquidity (withdraw respective token pairs) out of the pool.
    Trading fees are calculated and withdrawn at the same time as liquidity is withdrawn.
    Your rewards are withdrawn when unstake, Loyalty Bonus if any will be forgone
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