Acala DeX Protocol


The Acala DeX protocol is inspired by Uniswap, but built as a runtime module as part of the Acala Substrate chain to serve the aUSD community. Each liquidity pool contains a balance of two tokens, and the exchange rate is simply the amount of one token divides that of the other. Users enjoys instant token swap without the need for an order book, whereas liquidity provider could supply liquidity of the two tokens in a pool to earn a fee.
Refer to Deposit & Earn for liquidity provider returns.


    Check Exchange Rate
    Swap Tokens

Via Acala App


Via Polkadot UI

Check Exchange

Use Chain state -> dex -> liquidityPool to check the amount of aUSD and the amount of selected token in the pool Convert the hex value to number.
exchange rate
    number of DOT tokens 0x00000000000000003d055121747a4273 as 4397009815327097459
    number of aUSD tokens 0x000000000000003babfb8f48dfeed58e as 1100750556691660985742
    exchange rate (DOT to aUSD) = number of aUSD tokens / number of DOT tokens = 250


Use Extrinsics -> dex -> swapCurrency to swap tokens.
    Supply is the token you pay
    Target is the token you want to buy, target price also covers for slippage
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