The Acala community includes over 350,000 members distributed around the world. Below are links to official platforms, as well as unofficial, and regional-specific, community-managed channels.

General Discussion & Support

Issues can be raised directly in the respective Github repo or via Riot channel

Social & Announcements



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Regional and Language-Specific Communities

Please use best practices when engaging with community-managed channels. Keep in mind that no admin or representative from Acala will ever message you or add you to a channel. Beware of imitation Acala representatives and always confirm information with our official channels.




Unofficial Communities


Acala Ecosystem

Looking to build on our networks, discuss integrations, or get in contact with the team?
Acala Ecosystem projects may participate in any number of ways including using and integrating Acala's technologies and products such as aUSD stablecoin, staking derivative Liquid DOT, providing liveness (validation), oracle or other services to Acala network, and/or other forms of collaboration mutually agreed upon. Ecosystem projects will enjoy first-line support from the Acala team, technical collaboration, have opportunities to partake in product promotion/incentive programs, and co-marketing etc.
There are multiple ways you can build with Acala: deploying smart contracts on the Acala Network, developing runtime modules on Acala, or integrating as a parachain. Find out more on how to get started, visit Build with Acala.
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